Al Hamra Village Marina

The marina is a part of the Ras Al Khaimah Al Hamra Village Development--a beachside resort and tranquil escape from bustling Dubai. This website offers info, pictures and reflections from a marina apartment owner.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Inroducing Phase 3 & Update on Marina Apts.

They're here! The Phase 3 plans are out; new Al Hamra units are available for purchase. One buyer forwarded me the PDF docs from which these renders were taken.
Vote on apartment block's design.

The new apartment towers will each be G + 13 floors, including duplex penthouses on top. Unlike the Marina Apartments they will also include indoor parking.

The plan includes 13 apartment blocks in all, arranged in pairs. Six blocks front the beach, while the remaining seven are set inland overlooking villa compounds and the golf course. (Click on image for enlarged view.) The blocks are identified by numbers 1-13.

Al Hamra Phase 3 Block 1, encircled, is set along the beach in closest proximity to the Marina Apartment Block G (Oceana).

Phases 1 & 2 consist of villas and townhouses surrounding a natural lagoon, in addition to an 18-hole golf course, a marina and Golf and Marina apartment blocks.

Plans also include development of a castle, hotel and apartments by a separate developer on Al Qasr Island, within Al Hamra Village development.
Saudi-based Wesam Al Madani Group is developing yet another Dh1 billion project – Al Qasr Island – within Al Hamra Village in Ras Al Khaimah.

“We have secured the island from the Ras Al Khaimah government for Dh500,000. We are going to develop a five-star hotel (Al Qasr Island Hotel) and a castle, consisting of two 12-storey buildings, will have 1,006 apartments for sale,” says the Jeddah-based group’s owner and general manager Wesam Al Madani.

He said the development, spread on an area of 500,000 sq ft, would be built in oriental style and will have a typical oriental souq and restaurants to cater to future residents of the island. The buildings will have studio, one and two-bedroom flats. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2008.
Gulf Construction

The Dhs 500,000 price for the entire island (a price usually paid for a studio or 1-bedroom apartment) is probably in error. Furthermore, over 1000 apartments in addition to a hotel within two 12-storey structures and perhapas other smaller buildings seems unfeasible--not to mention the required parking space for residents and hotel guests.

In August 2006, there were full-page newspaper ads including a render of the entire development. As described here the design was rustic and Arabic, sort of in an amusement park style. Included were a castle and fort structures with fortress-type walls, along with smaller buildings. Living in an apartment in such a setting will certainly be different.

Progress on Marina Apartments

The following images highlight the state of construction on 24 October 2006.

The Marina Apartments (from left) Blocks A, B, C, D, E, F and G (emerging).

Block A

Block B

Block C

Block D

Block E

Block F, compare with progress as of 9 Sept. 2006.

Block G, compare with progress as of 9 Sept. 2006 and earlier.

Only up to the first floor by end of October, G block has been slated for completion by MAY 2007, but that target is likely to slip.

The Marina Apartments or the New Phase 3 Blocks?

The size, style and design of the Phase 3 apartment blocks differ substantially from that of the Marina Apartments. Do they compliment one another, or not? How will the addition of a significant number of new units impact the larger development? Al Qasr and the 7-star hotel will also impact the development--positively or negatively?

Marina Apartments or New Phase 3 Blocks?

What do you think of the new Phase 3 tower's design?
I prefer the Marina apartments.
I prefer the new Phase 3 apartments.
They are both fine.
I don't care for either.
The two styles simply don't go together well.
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Sea Views?

There is also the sea views question. Will the beach front at the Marina apartments and new Phase 3 blocks remain open or be built upon? The sales agents say they will not be built upon, but the map at left suggests the demarcation of plots. (Click on image to enlarge.)

Furthermore, the area is considerably wide and as can be seen with Al Qasr Island, areas that would appear to fall within the Al Hamra Village development are being sold to other developers. This all suggests that the beach area could eventually be built up on.

There has also been talk of a Dolphinarium being built at Al Hamra which could presumably happen on Island A. No other plans have been indicated for that island except for early plans that included hotels--there and at the present location of the Marina apartments. Those plans were, however, scrapped, and there does not seem to be any confirmation on the Dolphinarium. So the question of what will happen on Island A remains open.

Last Word

A new access road linking the Al Hamra property entrance more directly with the Emirates Road (express highway) has been recenlty opened reducing travel time from Dubai by upto 10 minutes. Depending on where one begins his exodus from Dubai and traffic condtions in the city, the trip may be made in as little as 30 or 40 minutes.