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The marina is a part of the Ras Al Khaimah Al Hamra Village Development--a beachside resort and tranquil escape from bustling Dubai. This website offers info, pictures and reflections from a marina apartment owner.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Block B Interiors & Views, p1

The big question for investors is, "When will we get our flats?" Getting the interiors finished appears to be a lingering task. Block B, as well as A, C and D, are slated for an October completion. While the exterior is almost there, quite a bit remains to be done on the inside.

The entryway or lobby obviously has much work yet to be done, as can be seen in this 21 July 2007 photo.

One of the two elevators.
Somewhat narrow, though hard to guage by the image alone, installation appears complete, while protective covering lines the inside.

The doorway of flat G-06.
On stepping inside the vestibule (of sorts), there is on the right-side wall a row of cabinets (floor to near-ceiling--not pictured), which offers nice storage options for the small studio apartment.

The studio flat, even though small, offers a rather large elongated main room in addition to a clearly demarcated kitchen area and a small bathroom. The ceiling in the main room is quite high at center--in fact, this seems unique to the G floor studio flats.

The interior walls have yet to painted in the attractive yellow that will eventually cover all unit interior walls. Not pictured here, the small bathroom fits a tub, toilet, bidet, face bowl and also has some built-in cabinets.

One nice touch in all of the units is the extent of built-in cabinets, even in the small studio flats. As mentioned, there are cabinets in the vestibule and a small set in the bathroom. In the kitchen there are those pictured above and below and also along the other wall of the kitchen (unseen in the photos here) just behind the wall protrusion. In the larger apartments there are also large built-in wardrobes in every bedroom. Only this, it seems, is absent in the studio flats.

The quality and texture of the cabinet work is of moderate-high level. Although not a heavy wood build--perhaps a pressed wood with applied veneer--the look and feel is relatively sturdy and well put-together. The tile or granite glazing on the kitchen walls is also of decent quality in look and feel.

Like the Block's entryway, the stairwell also requires a lot more work to be done.

From the upper floors views are impressive.

Views from a balcony of a 4th or 5th floor, 2-bedroom, lagoon-facing unit are panoramic.

One gets a clear view over half of the lagoon and over the big, as yet undeveloped island in the middle of it.

Block A obscures the other half of the lagoon.

The images above and below are from a balcony of a 2-bedroom marina/sea facing unit on the 5th floor. The sky is hazy, with a faint line visible at the distant horizon. Construction supplies lie about unattractively on the bare sandy ground.

Although nice, these photos do not come close to capturing the impact of the view or the exhilarating feeling one gets standing on this balcony. The wide 270 degree view was stunning. Even with the haze, the construction mess and lack of landscaping the view was simply captivating, as well as the relatively cool breeze on an otherwise 40 degree Celsius day.

From the same balcony but looking away from the marina and sea, Block C is visible along with other blocks and a another stretch of coastline in the distance.


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