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The marina is a part of the Ras Al Khaimah Al Hamra Village Development--a beachside resort and tranquil escape from bustling Dubai. This website offers info, pictures and reflections from a marina apartment owner.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

First Class Resort (Townhouse Suites)

The Al Hamra Village is not only an ideal place for a residence, it is a splendid resort, deserving of the 5-star rating its hotel property gets.

In addition to a main hotel complex the resort consists of a number of townhouses with ensuite guest rooms and a pool, health club, restaurant and bar area, as pictured here.

The facilities are top notch and depending on how bookings are made rooms are reasonably priced, with special summer rates.

Compared to similar destinations in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, for example, Al Hamra provides a much more noise-free, pollution-free and relaxed environment.

The health club, restaurant and pub surround the large swimming pool which has both shallow and deep ends.

On the interior, the townhouses consist of a large bedroom, attached bathroom and a small iving room.

The bathroom includes a separate bath and shower.

The guestrooms open onto balconies, either beside or overlooking a garden.

The gardens decorate the grounds bounded by a wall, with pathways connecting the townhouses with the communal facilities.

The townhouse suites are situated along a lane about 1 kilometer from the main hotel complex.

Although a shuttle service is provided it is much less convenient than having one's own car which can be parked right outside the suite, like at a private residence.

Behind the row of townhouses on one side of the lane are the first 9-holes of an 18-hole golf course being constructed. With floodlights the course when complete might allow for both daytime and night time play.

In the distance beyond the golf course can be seen the Marina apartments.

At night the townhouses are beautifully lit up, giving the appearance of an Arabesque suburban neighborhood.

The pool area is also attactively lit, and if the weather is cool enough one might drink and dine at the poolside patio.

Photos taken 9-10 September 2006

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