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The marina is a part of the Ras Al Khaimah Al Hamra Village Development--a beachside resort and tranquil escape from bustling Dubai. This website offers info, pictures and reflections from a marina apartment owner.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Marina Blocks, September '07

The waters in the lagoon at Al Hamra Village were peaceful and calm, but so, unfortunately, was the level of construction activity. It was Saturday, 22 September and a hot, mid-Ramadan morning. In the UAE Saturday is the weekend and Ramadan is a time when work slows down, but none of this would generally apply to a construction site where the only day off is Friday and the afternoon, not morning, is the time of day that work slows down during Ramadan.

In short, there seemed to be no justifiable reason for work at the Marina construction site to be so quiet on a Saturday morning. There were workers on site--a handful here and a handful there. There was really not much going on, however, on either the interiors or exteriors. The cranes were not moving very much nor were there many sounds of tractors, jackhammers, saws and the like. It all made for an easy opportunity to snap photos, but added to questions of why the project is facing increasing completion delays.

Photos After Two Months (of Progress?)

Block A:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

Block B:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

Block C:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

Block D:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

Block E:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

Block F:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

Block G:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

Block H:

    Detail and 21 July comparison photo:

The Marina Clubhouse:

    21 July comparison photo:

Interior views may suggest a bit more progress. Upcoming post: Block A & G Interiors.


View Across the Lagoon

There is not much visible in the way of progress on the exterior structures, although some of this is due to the already advanced state of exterior work on Blocks A~D when photographed in July. An exception to this is the Marina Clubhouse where the progress is quite noticeable. On the grounds there is no sign of work yet on either of the pools, while the interior road from the main highway to the Marina area is laid out and partially surfaced. It should be ready by the time the first apartments are.

No swimming pool yet.

But, when will the first Blocks, A, B, C and D, be ready? When asked, workers on site shrug, "3, 4 or 5 months." They are not necessarily reliable sources although their views are often the more impartial ones. Water and electricity supply are evidently part of the problem. On inspection of the interiors of Block A it would appear that they are in a near state of readiness. Doors of units are kept locked and upon entry the flooring and walls are mostly done as well as the cabinetry. Some bathroom and kitchen installations, however, are still in progress. The public areas on the ground floor seem mostly in place with many surfaces covered with protective plastic sheeting.

Workers impartial views.

Clearly, the separate blocks are being readied in sequential order with A & B almost there, C & D trailing behind, E & F with some months to go, G up to 9 monhts away and H with perhaps a year and a half left--based on the progress of work thus far. The grounds with landscaping, driveways, parking, swimming pools, beach etc. have largely not yet been started, with the exception of the road fronting the Marina berths and the parking lot between A & B blocks.

The main road leading to the Marina area, interestingly, does not actually approach any of the Marina blocks or berths, but instead curves away toward the shore. If this is to be the access road for the Marina Blocks other roads or driveways, not yet evident, will need to be linked to it. This road, in fact, is situated in such a way that it would appear to be intended to separate the Al Hamra development from a separate sea-fronting development; it would provide access to both. Despite all suggestions to the contrary, the sea-fronting plot(s) of land are very substantial and quite clearly suitable for a separate large development.

Main road (blacktop) from the highway leading away from the development, toward the coast.